Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Talk

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Fantasy Football

I’m getting a lot of questions “I’m 1-3, do I have to trade?” or “I’m 4-0, looking at a championship?” The truth of the matter is I have no idea just from you record. For instance, if I get some decent numbers from Dallas Clark and Adam Viniateri tonight, I will move to 3-1, but I know I need to deal for better receivers. This is where each matchup is unique. If Aaron Rodgers scores his average (30-35 points) I’m out of the game this week. If Arian Foster was healthy, I would have lost last week without Ben Tate’s production. If Michael Vick stayed healthy week 2, I would have lost that one. You can’t gamble on injuries or on guys doubling their usual production every week, so one of these days, this lack of receivers is going to come back to bite me.

You know your team. Be honest with yourself. Are you winning games with consistent production from good players, or are you getting lucky with injuries or unsustainable eruptions? On the other side, are you losing because a stud wasn’t performing, or because you owned one of those injured stars? Then maybe you stand pat and see how your team really looks with your current lineup at 100%. An honest assessment of your team will tell you if you need to deal or not. There are some 4-0 teams that will be in real trouble if they don’t do something, and there are some 0-4 teams that will be just fine. Don’t overreact, either way.


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