Walking the Walk- Week 4 Up In The Air

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Fantasy Football

There’s a big difference between 3-1 and 2-2. I really shouldn’t even have a chance this week. My opponent had Colt McCoy score 30, Beanie Wells go for 40 points, along with Ray Rice having his usual big week. Neither of us got any notable production from our receivers. Dez Bryant scored me two touchdowns but on minimal yardage. BUT Mr. Aaron Rodgers scored almost half of my week’s points, totaling an incredible 66 of my 137 points so far. Adrian Peterson scored a paltry 16, and I was crippled by less than five points each from Ben Tate, Malcom Floyd and Mario Manningham. I need some receivers.

That being said, I am 11 points behind, with Dallas Clark and Adam Viniateri going tonight, while all of his players have played. In a normal, Peyton Manning led offense, this would be a no-brainer win. But tonight I will sit in front of the TV and yell “Come OOOOOON Curtis Painter!” That’s the nightmare of any fantasy football owner. But there it is.


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