Walking the Walk- Week 4 Theft

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Fantasy Football

I had no business winning this week, but Dallas Clark and Adam Viniateri combined for 12 and I won. Ironically, Pierre Garcon scored 45 points on my bench. Go figure. But this week came down to Aaron Rodgers scoring 66 of my 153 points. I repeat, this is a game of stars. If my best three players score more than your best three, I probably win.

I’m now 3-1 and it’s been three ugly wins. I’m still working on deals for receivers. It helps a little bit that Andre Johnson will miss three weeks, so Jacoby Jones might be startable for those weeks, but don’t expect anything huge. I’m hoping, with QB injuries piling up, that someone will finally pay up for Matthew Stafford who had another good day on my bench.

Ben Tate, if he had any chance of holding onto a meaningful role when Arian Foster returned, didn’t help his case with the injury allowing for a huge week from Foster. Tate is still a must-handcuff, but he may be looking at 15-20% of Houston’s carries instead of the 35% I expected if they’d both been healthy in week 4.

Do me a favor and don’t buy high on Beanie Wells or Steve Smith (CAR). Wells can’t stay healthy with a big workload, and the Panthers have to run to win. Despite Cam Newton’s three huge passing games, they haven’t won any of those games. Buy low on Jonathan Stewart if you can. I hope I can deal for a more consistent WR or two or else this week will be another adventure, with Dez Bryant on a bye, no less.

  1. It was quite the week for Aaron Rodgers owners, as I have him on a few of my teams.

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