Snakes and Ladders- Week 5

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Value changes by the minute in fantasy football. Heads up.

SNAKE- Andre Johnson is likely out for three weeks. Now, if he misses three weeks and comes back 100% and plays the rest of the year, then it’s a bump in the road. If he misses three, and then is tentative for two more, that could significantly derail your season. Buy-low-er beware.

LADDER- Jacoby Jones is taking Johnson’s spot for the next three weeks. It remains to be seen how many targets he gets. Remember, Owen Daniels and Arian Foster are likely the top two offensive options in Houston now, so keep expectations reasonable. 60-80 yards and you may or may not get a score.

SNAKE- Mike Tolbert is reportedly likely to lose more carries to Ryan Mathews as the Chargers are saying they want Mathews to get 24-25 carries this week. I’ve never been crazy about either back as an every-week starter.

LADDER- Beanie Wells… sell sell sell. He cannot maintain heavy workloads without getting hurt. But for now, he is playing well and there is serious trade-value there.

SNAKE- Chad Henne might actually be done for the season. We are still waiting on official reports, but Matt Moore might step into the Dolphins QB job. That also hurts Brandon Marshall.

LADDER- Pierre Garcon led the Colts in targets with Curtis Painter under center on Monday night. I don’t love him every week, but as a matchups play, he is ownable for sure.

SNAKE- Rashard Mendenhall is quickly moving from a buy-low to a legitimate bust. He’s hurt now and if the Steelers don’t start blocking, then he won’t improve.

LADDER- Marques Colston is a guy I tend to like more than most. But he’s the best receiver on a pass-heavy team. I know Drew Brees spreads it around, but Colston is the best bet.

SNAKE- Deangelo Williams is a bust. I wrote preseason about Jonathan Stewart and I still think he will be the most productive back on the team.

LADDER- Malcom Floyd is one of my favorite headaches every year. I end up owning him almost every year because Vincent Jackson cannot stay healthy, and I always expect Floyd to do more than he does. But this week Jackson may not play at all… so Floyd SHOULD be useful…

Funny note… Here I am looking at a week in one of my leagues with Dez Bryant on a bye where I might start two fill-in #1 targets. Floyd will benefit from the absence of Jackson and Antonio Gates, and Jacoby will benefit from the absence of AJ. Man, I need to trade for legitimate WR.

  1. DeAngelo Williams is shaping up a bit now, I’m holding on to him for a week or two more.

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