Walking the Walk- Four in a Row

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Fantasy Football

It was a great week for my team almost top to bottom in a 226-150 win. Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and Fred Jackson all scored over 40 points. I got a surprising 39 from Pierre Garcon who looks like Curtis Painter’s go-to-guy. And Malcom Floyd scored 28. The Bengals DST added 11 for good measure in a run-away.

In other good news, it was another great day for Matthew Stafford on my bench, and my last round pick of Tim Tebow looks pretty good now. I don’t need to tell you any more about him, as you can read pretty much all of my preseason posts and find him in there. As you can tell, I expect him to succeed. He totaled 22 points on my bench.

With Garcon rising in value, my receiving core of Dez Bryant, Garcon, and Mario Manningham looks decent, with Floyd filling the flex spot. My only bye week starter this week is Floyd, so I’ll stick with Jacoby Jones in the flex spot despite a disappointing week. Notice Jones targets were very high, so he might be due for improved production this week.

Unable to get fair trade value for Stafford, and with my WR group looking better than it did the last couple weeks, I’ll likely back off trade talks unless I’m approached with an interesting offer. At 4-1, and now with more consistent producers, I feel comfortable standing pat.

  1. Congrats. I’m doing fairly well in one of the leagues I pay the most attention to, and very badly (1-4) in the Bloggers League.

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