Walking the Walk- Five In a Row…

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Fantasy Football

This one wasn’t close. Aaron Rodgers, Fred Jackson and my Bengals DST scored enough to win it themselves. It was nice to get 21 from Jacoby Jones. Although Pierre Garcon only scored eight, he was still the most targeted Colts receiver. I also enjoyed seeing Dallas Clark finally make some noise. My opponent caught several bad breaks. Joseph Addai didn’t play, Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams were both on bye weeks, leaving him an empty WR slot. I won 186-98 improving to 5-1 this season.

With more injuries to quarterbacks, the market for Matthew Stafford is heating up. I’ve got one very interesting offer than I’m still considering in my mind. Now that Tim Tebow is the starter in Denver, I have a capable backup for Rodgers, so Stafford is even more tradeable. And my receiving group is still not stellar. Right now I’m winning games because of Rodgers, Jackson and Adrian Peterson, who actually had a bad week, but by Sunday night it didn’t matter. This might be the week to deal Stafford. We will see.

I have Jackson and Mario Manningham on byes, so Ben Tate will start as my second RB and Malcom Floyd will go into the flex spot for now. The Bengals served me well for two weeks, but with their bye coming, I will drop them for someone else. I never own two defenses at a time. I have placed bids for Dallas and San Diego, both $1 bids, so we will see which I get.


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