Walking the Walk- TRADE!

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Fantasy Football

And just like that, I traded Matthew Stafford for Steve Smith (CAR). I don’t like it, but it makes complete sense. I have Aaron Rodgers dominating, and Tim Tebow to start on his bye week. Meanwhile, I needed help at receiver. Stafford was scoring well, but on my bench, and little chance of coming off. I don’t think Smith will be a top-5 receiver all year, but I think, even if he ends up between 10-15, he produces every week because Newton LOVES him.

This trade bugs me because its fair. Its pretty even, and I hate even trades. Most of the deals I agree are ones in which I feel confident I’m winning, but this was a case where our needs matched up and we could help each other.

I dropped the Bengals DST for the Chargers as well. And there’s still a chance I start Malcom Floyd over Jacoby Jones. But for now, I’m 5-1 and my lineup for week 7 looks like this:

QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Adrian Peterson
RB- Ben Tate (Fred Jackson on BYE)
RB/WR- Jacoby Jones (Mario Manningham on BYE)
WR- Steve Smith
WR- Dez Bryant
WR- Pierre Garcon
TE- Dallas Clark
DST- Chargers
K- Adam Viniateri

Bench- Jackson (bye), Manningham (bye), CJ Spiller (bye), Brandon Jacobs (bye), Tim Tebow, Malcom Floyd


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