Walking the Walk… Another win, ho hum…

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Fantasy Football

With Fred Jackson on bye, I got 40 each from Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson. I got a pleasant surprise in 20 points from Ben Tate‘s 100 yards rushing. Steve Smith made his debut for my team with 28 points. I won 170-152 and improved to 6-1. I haven’t lost since week one, but the player I was most excited about on my team wasn’t even starting on my team.

I watched in agony as the Broncos handcuffed Tim Tebow for three and a half quarters, forcing him to hand off into eight man fronts all afternoon, and yet, down 15-0, they were forced to let him play and he did not disappoint. For fantasy purposes, he scored 32 points on my bench.

This coming week, my only starter on bye is Rodgers, so Tebow will start against Detroit. With Peterson and Jackson back together, I think my chances are good to keep the streak going.

I’ve been asking around about tight end upgrades, with Dallas Clark not doing anything, but my team is very top-heavy, so I don’t have the kind of players I would be dealing for a consistent TE. At this point, I’m not in a big rush anyway.


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