Posted: October 28, 2011 in Fantasy Football

For everyone who asked, I am working on new positional rankings that will be up on the blog hopefully early next week.

Fantasy X-Man,

What is the upside/downside to Demarco Murray now that he’s arrived? -Jason, Maine


The upside is he keeps the starting job with 20+ touches per game and averages 90 yards and a touchdown, plus a reception or two per week. So I’d say top-15, borderline top-10 back. The downside is Felix Jones comes back from injury and retakes the starting job and Murray gets 8-10 touches per game and you end up praying for a touchdown.

Fantasy X-Man,

Should I be dealing Chris Johnson or Rashard Mendenhall right now? What could I get back? -Francis, Minnesota


I wouldn’t. I think you’d be selling at the lowest possible value and I doubt you could get much of anything beyond a mid-to-low WR2.

Fantasy X-Man,

Is Chris Johnson pulling an Adam Dunn? -Raymond, Chicago


The comparisons aren’t without some merits, but no I don’t see that because of the age difference. You know, on the Chris Johnson thing, I think the man himself said it well when he said we shouldn’t judge him unless he’s in the open field and people are catching him from behind. We haven’t seen him in the open field, so we don’t know if that incredible speed is still there. Gut call, I think he’s a top-15 RB rest of the season. But keep in mind, no one would be shocked if he was THE #1 overall fantasy player from here on out. That’s the upside.

Fantasy X-Man,

Montario Hardest gets __% of the carries in Cleveland this week and from here on out? Matt, Topeka


I’ll say 85% this week and 45% rest of the season, BUT to split it up, I’d say he gets maybe 40% for the next three or four weeks and closer to 60-70% for the last few weeks (aka fantasy playoffs).

Fantasy X-Man,

Where do you have Tebow among QBs this week? I’ve got Stafford and looking at options if he doesn’t go this week. -Wolverine, NYC


I have Tebow seventh among QBs this week, behind Stafford, but ahead of Shaun Hill. I think Stafford plays and does just fine against Denver.

Fantasy X-Man,

I know you talked about, during baseball season, Francisco Liriano is a guy you hate to own, but always seem to end up owning. Is there someone like that in football? -Marcus, Louisiana


I hate to say it, but it seems to be Dez Bryant. I ended up trading for him, and then trading him away in two different leagues, and I drafted him this year despite not really liking him, and I said that in the draft post. But he’s emerging in Dallas so he shouldn’t be as volatile as Liriano. Marshawn Lynch is a guy I’ve owned a lot too, but I haven’t yet this year.

Fantasy X-Man,
They were having a debate on ESPN.com the other day about Cam Newton vs. Andrew Luck… I was curious where you’d fall on that. -Jennifer, Los Angeles
I’d want Luck. I think they’re both special players, but I’ll take the guy who every scout agrees on coming out of college versus the one they were completely divided on.
Fantasy X-Man,
I was looking at your preseason Love/Hate. You hated rookies (Dalton, Newton, Green, Julio Jones, Demarco Murray seem to be doing just fine). You also hated Michael Vick who is playing pretty good. And you loved Tashard Choice, of all people. What gives? -Roger, Washington
I also loved Matthew Stafford, Fred Jackson, Montario Hardesty and Willis McGahee. And I don’t think I was wrong about Vick considering his injuries. There’s still time for him to miss a few games. You have to take the bad with the good.
That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for the all the questions. Sorry if I didn’t get to yours.


  1. Can’t wait to see how well Tebow does against the Lions.

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