Walking the Walk- 7-1 and Rolling…

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Facing off against the only other 6-1 team in the league, this was a battle of the top two in the most recent league power rankings. While it’s true he had Matt Forte on a bye, I had Aaron Rodgers on bye too. I won the same way I’ve been winning all year. 43 from Adrian Peterson and 39 from Fred Jackson led all scorers in the matchup. As bad as Tim Tebow was on the field, his rushing yards and late passing touchdown raked together a respectable 24 points in Rodgers’ place.

My deal sending Matthew Stafford for Steve Smith is paying off well as Smith scored 28 this week and I won 195-133 to climb to 7-1. Even Dallas Clark scored 15 for me.

My last five opponents are a combined 14-26, so it’s not out of the question that after a week one loss, I could go 12-0 going into the playoffs which start week 14. I ALMOST hope that doesn’t happen. I’d rather my guys have one or two terrible weeks BEFORE playoffs start than go 12-1 and then break down in the first round. But for now, I’ll take the win and keep trucking.


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