Walking the Walk- Eight Was Enough

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Fantasy Football

First off, let me apologize for my hiatus last week. I took a trip home to see family over the weekend so I needed to get ahead at work, and thus ran out of time to post. But I’m back, and after eight wins in a row, I’m handed my second loss of the season. It was a combination of my opponent’s good luck and my bad luck, which is usually how it goes in fantasy sports.

Against me, the Cowboys defense scored 23 points, Larry Fitzgerald had 41 and Jacoby Jones had 25. Meanwhile, Steve Smith and Pierre Garcon combined for only 14. However, going into Monday night I had some chance. I was down by 81, but had Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson to go, both capable of 40-point games. Rodgers did his part, carving up Minnesota to score me 40 exactly. But the Vikings were forced to pass too much and Adrian never took off. I lost 181-154.

Now at 8-2, I am tied for first place in my division, and still probably have the most talented team in the league. With the Colts on bye, the time has come to change kickers. I’ll be dropping Adam Viniateri for a new kicker and I’m considering a change at defense with the Titans available, who have a weak schedule for the week 14-16 playoff run.


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