Walking the Walk- Kick Off

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball

Walking the Walk… coming off a championship in the football version of this weekly post, I dive into a baseball team with a keeper dilemma right off the bat.
First of all, for those of you who didnt read the blog last year, this is where I prove that I’m taking my own advice. For baseball and football season, I post weekly whether I won or lost and any lineup changes, along with analysis of the league and such things as I feel like adding.

For baseball, the league is an 18-team, H2H points league with daily lineup locks and 8-start limit for SP.
Each team can keep four or keep three and get a zero-round compensation pick in the draft.
We start 19 out of a 24-man roster. One each at C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, OF, and two UT. There are four active SP spots and four active RP spots, as well as a two-spot DL.
Scoring-wise, singles, walks, runs, RBI are all one point. Doubles and steals are two, triples are three, home runs are four. Strikeouts are -1/2 and errors and caught stealing are -1 each.
For pitchers, each inning is three points. Earned runs are -2.5. Wins are five, saves are 4, quality starts are 1.5 and holds and strikeouts are one. Blown saves are -2, walks are -1 and hits -1/2.
So now that you’re up to speed, starters score the most points by far. But they are also undervalued in this league because of perceived depth.
I am planning to keep three and take the compensation pick, but the third one is up for debate. I have Tim Lincecum and Justin Verlander as two solid keepers. I’d love to keep a hitter but the best I have are Ben Zobrist, Eric Hosmer or Michael Morse.
On the other hand, I also have Matt Cain and if I was really looking outside the box, I’d keep Craig Kimbrel because, even if saves come and go, a strikeout rate like his is money in the bank. But relievers score the least of anyone in this league, so I hesitate to keep one.
In a perfect world I could trade Cain and Hosmer or Zobrist to someone who needs multiple keepers and get an elite hitter back. But this league just doesn’t appreciate pitchers like Cain and his 2.88 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, now at just 26 years old.
I’ve sent out some offers in that range, but my hopes are not very high.
The team started out 0-5 last year due to a slew of injuries to vital pieces but rallied to go 13-8 and tied for the last playoff spot, losing the tiebreaker.
We will see how things work out, but keep an eye out for updates as the preseason gets going. I won’t be writing Walking the Walk every week until the season starts, but if relevant changes are made, I’ll be sure to let you know, and of course I’ll be blogging live during the draft.

Looking forward to another great season. And as always, your questions and comments are always welcome at fantasyxman@gmail.com

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