Daniel Bard to bullpen “temporarily”

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball

News out of Boston, they will skip the 5th rotation spot this time around and Daniel Bard will be available out of the bullpen. Now, they say its temporary. But they tried Alfredo Aceves in the closer role and he now has a 24.00 ERA in six games. They tried Mark Melancon and he has a 49.50 ERA and is back in the minors.

I have said since preseason 2011 that Bard should be the closer. I thought he was better than Jonathan Papelbon and when Pap left, I thought Boston would be smart enough to make the move, and they made a different move, putting him into the rotation.

I would bet Bard leads the Red Sox in saves this season, and if he doesn’t, then this team doesn’t make the playoffs. He’s the best arm in the bullpen by a long shot. And he was moved to the rotation before Bobby Valentine was hired, so we don’t know what Valentine really thinks, so we will see.


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