Week 5 Q&A

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ll dive right in to the inbox and see what people are freaking out about today…

Felix, Kentucky: I’ve been offered Mike Trout for Andrew McCutchen in a keeper league. This is an absolute deal right? 

Felix, McCutchen is a young outfielder with 30/30 potential. He’s on the same side of his prime as Trout, and has similar upside. Maybe in three years, if Trout becomes exactly what scouts hope, you might do this deal. But for the next two years at least, I’d rather have McCutchen. I’ve been saying, a likely development scale for Trout is something like Austin Jackson next year, Shane Victorino in 2014 and then in 2015 something like BJ Upton plus 40-50 points of average. 

Jason, New Hampshire: I’m 1-3 and own Harper in a keeper league, what should I expect back in a trade? 

First of all, its not like he’s all hype anymore. Harper is actually producing. That being said, if you are dead set on trading him, in a keeper league, he should command a proven producing bat, or a solid, reliable pitcher. I might start out by looking at guys like Ben Zobrist or perhaps Michael Young and on the pitching side, maybe target a buy-low like Adam Wainwright, who I expect to be pretty good, and keep getting better. 

Hallie, Texas: You said there was a new “Snakes and Ladders” coming… 

I did, and there is. I’ve been battling some computer issues so my posting chances have been sporadic. It will be done soon. 

Merlin, California: I was offered Mark Reynolds for Emilio Bonifacio in a 14-team standard scoring points league. The league subtracts 0.25 points for strikeouts, but its four points for a home run, plus another one for the runs scored and one for the RBI, so homers are really worth six. Would you do this?

That’s a tough one. Preseason, I would have probably preferred Reynolds, and I don’t think much has changed. I’d be much more hesitant on this because of Reynolds start to the year, but he is hitting now and in a points league, I’d probably still take Reynolds, but by a hair.

Carter, New York: Trade Adam Dunn while he’s mashing? 

Dunn is doing what we knew he would. He’s hitting for power and not much else. I think you trade him if you’ve got excess power in a roto league, but I expect him to hit 25-35 home runs, so make sure you get adequate value back.

Kim, Florida: Football question, if you dont mind, where would you draft the tight ends? It looks like a deep position, but also top heavy.

Well, I won’t be taking one of the top few because, after what Rob Gronkowski did last year, they will go much earlier than they should. I know people targeting Gronk in the second round, and Jimmy Graham not far behind. That being said, if I had to pick one of them, I wouldn’t go any earlier than late third or early fourth round, but they won’t still be available there. I’m going to be taking mine much much later, probably looking long and hard at Jacob Tamme, who has history with Peyton Manning already. 

Gabriel, London: I have the #1 overall pick and can’t decide between the top four RB. Help?

Well, if it was me, it’d be Ray Rice… I say that because Arian Foster is going to lose some carries to Ben Tate. That’s just going to happen. Leshean McCoy is going to lose touchdowns to Michael Vick and he loses productivity when Vick is out, which he will be for 3-4 games this year. FInally, Maurice Jones-Drew is the only proven player on that offense, so if I was playing defense, I’d stack the box and make Blaine Gabbert beat me. 

That’s it for now. As I said, Snakes and Ladders coming soon. 


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