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  1. Eric says:

    I took over a keeper team that was just flat aweful and am trying to turn it around. It’s a PPR keeper league. My question is, would it be a bad idea to start Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart most weeks?

    Here’s me RB core:

    A. Foster

    I do have some trade value on the roster. I do have Rogers and Big Ben at QB and Finley and Miller (oak) at TE. Welker and Austin with Britt and Edwards at WR with Rice soon to be on IR. I plan on holding on to Rice just to see what the next few weeks news reports say, but, I’m not that attached to him.

    • In your situation, that would not be a bad idea. I like both Williams and Stewart, so I wouldn’t at all blame you for starting both most weeks. Thanks for the question. Keep reading.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. al says:

    How does this trade look?

    Give Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew

    recieve Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles.

    or would it be better just to give one and recieve one like maybe MJD forJamaal Charles. i am looking for most skill and most favorable schedules for the rest of the year cuz i am close to making playoffs but it is close and i want to win after the playoffs start

    i am also thinking of getting colston for harvin. good?

  4. D D says:

    x-man — I’ve been reading over your site and some of your analysis, and i have to ask the question. Are you serious? I mean really, are you 12 years old or just very dumb? Like one of those guys that offers advice based on speculation and hope rather than logic, probablity, and facts. For example, your mid-season re-rankings of running backs has Arian Foster at # 8. The guy is leading the league in rushing and has put up double digit fantasy points in all but one game. And your re-ranking of QBs has Rodgers at no. 2. Really? The guy has had a mediocre year at best. What, did you drop him from 1 to 2. Is that your crack analysis. Gimme a break. You need to get a new hobby, dude.

    • First of all, you misspelled “probability”. Second, my rankings are based on looking at the rest of the season, and how I expect people to perform. Foster has been solid, but as teams gameplan for him more, it will get harder. AND he has coming games with the Jets, Titans, Eagles, Ravens, and Chargers. I still have him #8, which is must-start territory. And yes, Rodgers is second because I trust him more than the guys below him. He has a great group of targets, and a decent schedule. Plus, he has the added bonus of mobility, more than most QBs. Rodgers is 5th in passing yards, and 6th in passing touchdowns. AND he leads all QBs in rushing touchdowns.

      That being said, thank you for taking the time to comment.

  5. D D says:

    Ok, X-man – i’ll give you a second chance if you can answer me this. Who wins in this trade?

    Give – Ladanian Tomlinson and Mike Williams (TB)
    For- Miles Austin

    14 team league – PPR

    • Oh, well thank you for the second chance. My instinct is I’d rather have Austin. I’m also in a 14-team league and elite players are hard to come by, so when you get a chance, you usually take it. If you’ve been reading, you know I expect LT to deteriorate. I love the Freeman to Williams connection, but he will have off weeks and on weeks. If that was me, I would accept the offer. But it also depends on your team. If you are fairly deep at WR, and/or frustratingly weak at RB, then it wouldn’t be wise.

      • D D says:

        thanks. you redeemed yourself in my eyes.your reply to my first comment was reasonable and i have to admire the fact that you let it through in the first place. also, pretty good analysis. and of course you know i was just bustin your chops before. take it easy

  6. D D says:

    after the trade i will have an empty roster spot on my bench. I was thinking of grabbing vjax off the wire — for the final stretch and through the playoffs. I read what you think of vjax going forward, but i think he’ll get plenty of targets from rivers. Besides gates (who’s banged up a bit) and floyd (who’s banged up a bit) rivers is going to need vjax as a WR. whaddya think?

    • Since you have an open spot, there isn’t really a downside to adding him. He certainly has more upside than most free agents in a 14-team league. I don’t expect him to be the star he was the last couple years, so I caution people against trading for him at that price, or dropping someone of value for him. But you have a spot. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work out and you lose nothing. Also, his availability makes your trade look a lot better to me. You essentially traded Williams and LT for Austin and Jackson, a deal I would do in a heartbeat.

  7. Jane says:

    Week 13….I have Foster, Peterson and Tomlinson. Should I drop LT and pick up Tolbert or Gerhart?

    • I’d definitely want Tolbert. I’m surprised he isn’t owned. Certainly drop LT for Tolbert. And if you have someone sitting on the edge of your bench, a bum WR or backup TE, drop them for Gerhart. With Peterson, he would be nice to have as backup.

  8. Hey there X-Man, awesome site you got here. I’ll check back very often. You’re going on my “Other Blogs I like” page on my blog. I’ll subscribe too. You’ve got some nice analysis. I’ve got my own fantasy sports blog, sadly I hardly ever find the time to post. I would love to post more if I had more time and also I have 3 blogs, so, there’s not always going to be enough time. I’ll write a question to the mailbag this week. Glad I found this site.

  9. I’m sending the question now.

  10. Michael says:

    I’ve got a tough decision to make…. Logan Morrison is coming off the DL tomorrow and I have to choose between Hosmer and Pedro Alvarez… I think Alvarez is going to eventually get out of his funk, but Hosmer is killing it right now. Who should I keep?

    My other 1/3 basemen are – Votto, Youkilis, Davis


    • If its not a dynasty or a keeper league in which you keep a lot of people, I see no reason to own Hosmer with those other 1B. If you own Votto, Youk and Davis, its probably not a very deep league, so feel free to drop him when Morrison is back on Friday.

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